Dec 5, 2011

Life Lessons: Just Say No To Laundry In The Morning

Over the weekend I learned a very valuable life lesson; never start your laundry until you've had at least one cup of coffee.  Skipping this step could cause you to forget to take your brand new iPhone out of your jeans before putting them in the washing machine.  Sadly I had to learn this lesson the hard way, and as a result I'm without a phone.  Below are a few photos that I was able to upload before its untimely death.

Walking around Gold Gate Park
Street art on Fell St, coffee from Dynamo Donuts,  Geek Love- which I am currently reading


  1. OMG. i am so sorry! the iphone disaster?!?! DEVASTATING!!! i think my iphone is my most cherished possession. i am constantly afraid i will lose it -- i am more worried about it than my KEYS, and that is saying something!

    love your photos, and i hope you are able to get a replacement iphone SOON! :[

  2. these are awesome photos. so sorry to hear about your phone :( no bueno.

  3. Wow the blues, reds, and yellows on the bottom collage look great. Sorry to hear about your phone. Do you have a backup?

  4. Oh nooo, crap crap crap. So sorry about that.
    LOVE the new header btw; LOVE it.

  5. I grieve with you in the loss of your iphone. No joke - so sorry!
    These are all great, as usual. But I super-love the GG Park ones. SO cool!


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