Dec 2, 2011

Film Vol. 4

The last batch of photos taken with my Canon AE-1.  I love this camera, in fact I think it is my favorite of all my cameras, and I cannot wait to finish and process my next roll.  What is your favorite camera and why?


  1. Polaroid - because I'm not the patient kind.

  2. Amazing photos. I especially love the 1st one!
    My favorite camera is my LC-A because it's sturdy, easy to use & as long as you set the distance right you are guaranteed good results. Of course my Instax mini does come in a close second for the joy that comes from seeing an Instax snap emerge.
    I might be getting this camera soon, & it will be the first film SLR I'm using... used a lot of film cameras in the recent past, just no SLRs. So I would really love to ask two questions, 1st is which lens are you using & 2nd is, were these on full manual or auto? Thanks. :)

  3. I love the tone on these. My favorite camera is the Polaroid SX-70. It's a beautiful, foldable, portable camera and....its an SLR in your pocket!

  4. they look wonderful, I love the colours in the first and the softness in the last photo.

    I'm not sure I could pick a favourite camera to be honest, it changes all the time.

  5. I really love the 3rd shot. I only have one camera (my olympus e520) so I'd have to say it's my favorite ^^;

  6. I just scored an Olympus XA2 for Christmas. Can't wait to play with it more.
    The Canon AE1 is such a fine camera. Love that gate shot.


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