Feb 23, 2011

After nearly a year of wasting money and spending far too many hours on the couch we have finally gotten around to canceling our cable.  It is a bittersweet experience, because like so many others, I am addicted to TV.  There is comfort  to be found in coming home from a long day at work, sitting on the couch, and getting lost in a mindless show. The hardest part is knowing that the new season of True Blood is around the corner I won't be able to to watch it.

The question now is what to do with all my free time?  


  1. Read books
    Listen to music
    Meet friends
    Go to the movies
    Take you DianaMini out, try long exposures
    (I don't watch TV either)

  2. dude. you are brave.

    i canceled my cable once, and called two days later to have it reinstated. i was so embarrassed, but they said it happens all the time.

  3. LOL...drollgirl!!! I have not watched TV in ages, I just recently began watching Idol again...it's the only show I watch. I really don't miss TV at all. But then...I blog a lot...so not sure that is a good thing either.

  4. Um...I hate to admit this on a blog but...I don't have pay channels so instead I watch True Blood on tvduck.com

  5. if you simply must, all the best!
    I need my tivo & cable! yup, I'm an addict!

  6. i have probably watched 10 hours of tv since commenting on this post. wah! i am wasting my life away, but i am entertained in the process.

    have a good weekend!!!

  7. I totally commend you! I don't watch that much TV, but I have been known to sit for episode after episode of Arrested Development on Netflix. You will have to let us know how not having cable affects your life.

  8. wow, totally impressed! i wish could cancel the cable just in time for baseball season (husband is just like that movie fever pitch) I don't think i could live with out the real housewife of where ever... i am totally jealous of you, you rock.

  9. our last day of cable is on 3/18 -- high five to us! high five!

  10. We don't have a TV for about 5 years now we don't miss it eve one bit.
    The funny thing is - I almost don't have any free time! I try hard to squeeze in some time to read and walk but it happens maybe twice a week. Somehow the time being filled up. We cook a lot and have long, slow dinners almost every day.
    I think it's a smart move and you'll find it liberating!! You can always watch your favorite series/movies on DVD but you can plan your time better and control your life rather than cables timetable control you...
    Enjoy your free time! :)

  11. Awww... I know the feeling! We only have local television now also. Seriously though, I realized a while ago that I really only watch a few hours a day at the most so it wasn't worth it! Also, tons of stuff is online now. And don't think badly of me, but you can watch True Blood... *HERE* (just two clicks of the 'episode' links they tell you to click on and you're at the video... très illégal).


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