Feb 16, 2011

Artist Crush ... Slinkachu

I have been suffering from a major case of writers/creative block and let me tell you it sucks.  I feel as if  my mind is stuck in the mud and moving forward is out of the question (does that even make sense..oh well).
Rather then dwell on the negative I have taken a blog timeout and enjoyed other areas of interest: reading, discovering new music, long walks alone, watching movies, and find adorable photos on the internet.

It was while I was enjoying the last are of interest that I stumbled upon Slinkachu.  I love the concept behind the photos; little people trying to find a place in the world that was made far to big.  Enjoy!

For more check out the blog or buy the book

Photo 1 and 2 Wandsworth, London
Photo 3-4 Chiswick, London
Photo 5-6 Homomonument area, Amsterdam, Holland
Photo 7 The Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Photo 8 Belsay Hall, Newcastle


  1. OMG! How cool...so glad you posted these photos. I love stuff like this!

  2. i love this kinda stuff, kind of reminds me of the legos put into real life situations.

  3. I love Little People Art!

    I bought a similar style print for my husband a couple of Christmases ago. It's of little workmen "working" on a guitar. :)

  4. Sooo cool.
    I recently saw Dinner For Schmucks. The best part for me was the miniature mouse art....


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