Jan 12, 2011

I have: my health, a coat to keep me warm, spare time on my hands, and a desire to explore.  For theses reasons I decided to play tourist last weekend and explore parts of the city that I rarely visit.

With a cup of coffee in my system and a few cameras in hand I went off on my journey to see what the city had to offer me.  This is what I found....


After my morning of window shopping in Chinatown I made a quick stop at Stella's Cafe in North Beach for a latte and a cannoli, both of which were amazing.  It was a wonderful relaxing weekend and I hope that this upcoming one will be the same.


  1. Love Chinatown in SF...it's eye candy (and the dim sum is always good for the tummy and soul!).

  2. Beautiful photos, Brandi. I was in Chinatown in SF years ago and loved it, makes me a bit nostalgic to look at those.

  3. Love these shots, Brandi!
    Look very vintage!!
    I want one of the Chinese lanterns~*

  4. oh how i love and miss san francisco. these pictures make me want a road trip north :)

  5. You have a proper Chinatown Brandi! Très jaloux... :^)


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