Jan 5, 2011

A Week in Music # 2

Coming back to work after a two week vacation is a challenge. Putting one foot in front of the other is hard enough for me right now so you can image how long it takes me to write a simple email. Rather then attempt to write a post I will treat everyone to a little playlist.

Broken Social Scene - Sweetest Kill

The Radio Dept - Never Follow Suit
Sparklehorse - Morning Hollow
The Gossip - Dark Lines
Nouvelle Vague - This Is Not A Love Song
Menomena - Dirty Cartoons


  1. Doesn't that suck Brandi! I always have to work work before I go on vacation and then work work to get caught up and organized after being gone. Hope your Friday is lovely despite the hectic week... love your play-list, especially the Gossip song. Never heard before!

    PS. I passed an award on to you today, hope that's ok?

  2. Nouvelle Vague is what I call my version of "Blue Steele".
    Went to see them in DC at the French Embassy.
    They are mesmerizing!


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