Jan 13, 2011

Artist Crush ... Alex Prager

alex prager -12

alex prager -16

alex prager -11

alex prager -9

alex prager -1

For information on Alex and her work visit her website.  I


  1. alex prager fucking rocks. i thought it was a he. D'OH! i think i have blogged about HER twice. love the prager!

  2. If you like these, you should check out Cindy Sherman. She's amazing!

  3. I love Alex Prager.
    I feel like I am looking at stills from the Virgin Suicides.

  4. Familiar with her but hadn't seen the newest work! I LOVE the 'Despair' poster with Dallas Howard... such genius. Adore how overly dramatic and stylized her shots are... soooo extreme it's cool.


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