Dec 1, 2010

What do you do?

The other day I had the ENTIRE house to myself and what a delight it was.  I took advantage of this rare occasion and engaged in all my secret behaviors (behaviors/habits that I would be to embarrassed to do in front of another person).  We all have (or at least I think we do) secret behaviors or habits that we do when we are alone.  I for one....

1.) Dance around my room like a woman possessed.
2.) Talk to myself.
3.) Walk on my tip toes (I have no idea why I do this).
4.) Watch BAD reality TV.
5.) Take self portraits and then promptly delete them.
6.)  Cry.  Admittedly I horrible at dealing with stress and expressing myself.  So sometimes I just  cry to let out all the frustrations/worries/etc that have built up overtime. 
7.)  Bump Madonna and sing along at the top of my lungs.
8.) Walk around naked.

What do you do when no one else is watching?


  1. lol! i do all of these things except #3 and #7! and many more things! lol

  2. haha sounds like a good list to me! I love being able to walk around naked and doing whatever I want... eating junk food.. blasting music and dancing :)

  3. This is so good. I love the crying one. Sometimes I like to listen to really sad songs and cry while I vacuum. I don't know why it's more fun that way.

  4. exept number 8 I almost do the same... unfortunately I cry a lot too when I'm alone, to find a relief from stressful situations :/

    ps I sing loudly till my throat hurts when I'm driving! people that see me must think I'm screaming in pain ahahah

  5. Walk on my tip toes. I do that as well!!!!!

  6. this is funny... i mostly talk to my self.... that says a lot about me :) i also tend to crank up the music and clean (husband is a bit messy) i love throwing out stuff he will NEVER miss.

  7. Your time to yourself sounds like such fun! I generally talk to myself... :)

  8. Haha I bet walking on your toes gets you some exercise! Sometimes when I'm alone at home I wear heels around, because it helps tone :]

  9. Lots of dancing and lots of singing to the puppies (they don't count as "people" right?!).

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