Dec 9, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

For the first time in two years I will be spending a holiday with my family in North Carolina.  Living across the country from my parents, whom I am extremely close with, is trying on the best of days and almost unbearable during the holiday season, so I am beyond excited that this year we will be together. In anticipation of the upcoming trip I thought I would share the top things I am looking forward to the most.

10.) Spending time in a new city.
9.) Baking Christmas cookies.
8.) Staying in a quite suburban neighborhood.  Don't get me wrong I love where I live but it will be a nice change to have deers outside my window rather then drunks.
7.) Taking a long relaxing bath (I would never attempt to do this at my current home).
6.) Sharing some beers with my dad.
5.) Tea with mom.
4.) A roommate free environment and four blissful days with my own bathroom.  
3.) Free home cooked meals (my mom can throw down in the kitchen).
2.) Spending quality time with the three pups: Ruby, CoCo Puff, and Hawkeye.
1.) And last but not least I am looking forward to hugging my parents.  Skype is a wonderful tool to keep in touch but nothing beats the real thing.


  1. aw, you will have such a great time! and it is getting close! i bet you can almost FEEL those family hugs coming on! :)

  2. I can't wait for you to come either. I'll finish decorating the house this weekend.
    Love ya babycakes.

  3. Sounds perfect! I can't wait to get home as well!
    Hugs & Tea <3

  4. Brandi, your Christmas list is great! And the deer outside the window sound amazing... wishing you a very happy one! ♥


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