Sep 3, 2010

Friday Facts

YES.....Friday has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! Vacation is so close that I can already taste the ice cold adult beverages on my tongue.  I had a fairly busy week at work so this weeks facts are pretty dull; I promise to be more interesting next week.

1.) Apparently Lady Gaga enjoyed a sausage the other day at MY sausage place, Rosamunde.  Sadly I missed it.  Personally I am not a Lady Gaga fan but I find it very exciting to know that she was literally around the corner from my house at a restaurant that my friend manages.

2.)  Sometime the best dinner is just beer, especially after a long day at work .

3.)  Buena Vista Social Club = the best music to listen to on warm summer nights.

4.) I need these... I really really do.

can be found here
Happy Friday everyone and cheers to a fabulous weekend!! 


  1. You do live a GREAT city! Here are my two cent ideas.

    1. Eat chowder in Sausalito
    2. Drive to Sonoma- drink wine
    3. Hit Crate and Barrel for the Labor Day clearance rack.

    Have a great one! And you have the CUTEST dogs ever!!! Love them!

  2. i love beer, too. i wish i had some right now!

    BVSC soundtrack is so great. i haven't listened to it in years, and might just have to bust it out this weekend!

    have a FABULOUS vacation!!!!!

  3. yay for point 2! those days I'm drooling for VERY cold beer! maybe 'cause I am already missing summer!


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