Aug 31, 2010

Summer's Sexiest Images...

All of the images below come form Wired Magazine- NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute


  1. These are gorgeously mind-blowing... need to visit the observatory now!

  2. dude! these shots are wild! i am not really into "SPACE" and i have no plans to visit other planets! but it is really cool to see these shots!!!

    p.s. i am sure i sound like a moron. i am not anti-space. i love the show battelstar galactica. and capricorn. i am digging a bigger dork hole, so i should stop typing! :)

  3. WOW3X!!!
    trully amazzzing!
    the images make me more humbled~

  4. OMG...your blog rocks!!! And you really do have the cutest pups evah! Those faces...I want to smhoosh them and kiss them!!!

  5. Absolutely incredible!

  6. pretty cool, its crazy how fast the highway of the rings are moving. & how many car/meteor crashes there are in them. must be a gorgeous view from Saturns ground.


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