Aug 30, 2010

Moody Monday

Monday, why do you always have to come around?  I start thinking about you Sunday night which then causes me to toss and turn all night worrying about the week to come.  Thankfully this is my last week before vacation so in some small way I am happy that you are here.  At least I had a wonderful weekend doing the following:

Getting my hair done!!! No more grey hair for this girl!

Soaking up the sun while sitting in Hayes Valley with New Orleans style iced Blue Bottle coffee.

Enjoying the murals around my house.

Unplanned stops at Borderlands and finding some lovely Pulp postcards.

Loving my new lens.

Accepting and appreciating San Francisco's fog.


  1. oh monday monday. i am so angry today. such a rough week last week, and this one appears to be heading in the same direction. SIGH. oh well. like YOU, i need to concentrate on the positive. your pretty pictures sure help!

  2. I miss your city Brandy! And I love your photographs... I need the Office Tramp card for my desk. It's important to advertise... haha

  3. Loving your new lens as well B!
    The mysterious SF dreamy!


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