Aug 13, 2010

My Love

This may sound silly but today I really miss my dog.

Ruby came into my life when things were less then perfect.  I was 25, jobless, in a horrible relationship, and to make matters worse I was forced to move back to Sacramento and live with my parents.  The only upside to living with my parent (out sideof free rent and food) was they were in the market for the perfect K9 companion.

We went to all the local shelters but didn't have much luck.  One night my mom was playing around on the internet and stumbled upon a website for Ori Peis (a pug and shar-pei mix).  One look at the adorable pups and we were sold.  We called the breeder right away and requested the one we had all agreed on, which as fate would have it, was sold to someone else just moments before.  The breeder had one pup left and from the picture she looked cute so we bought her.  A few days later I went to the airport to pick her up.

From the moment I saw this little bundle of wrinkles I was in love.  We locked eyes, her butt went a wagin' and my heart started poundin'.  I held her in my arms the whole ride home and she refused to leave my side for days.  In other words we were inseperable.

To make a long story short I ended up moving to San Francisco while my parents moved to North Carolina.  I didn't feel that it was fair to have a dog to in a small ass apartment and an owner who didn't have a stable schedule so I asked my parents to take her with them.  And even though I know she is happy and that my parents are taking wonderful care of her I miss her horribly.

Every time I see a dog that snorts and is covered in wrinkles I think of my pup and how much I miss her.  Can't wait till December when we will be reunited.

Ruby and her BFF CoCo


  1. OH GOD!!! you will get her back? you will? i am so relieved! and imagine how happy YOU and SHE will be when that happens!!! GAH!

    p.s. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. She's lovely, no wonder you miss her... that's not one bit silly :)

  3. She's adorable... glad to hear you'll be together in December!

  4. Thanks everyone both Ruby and I appreciate the kind words :)

  5. I always miss my parents dog and he's not even mine so I cant imagine how much you miss your dog. She is adorable :)


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