Aug 12, 2010

The good and the bad

I think my open letter to San Francisco yesterday worked because it is amazing outside today.  I took a long and much needed walk to AT&T park while on my lunch and soaked up the sun.  Sadly I forgot my phone so I couldn't take any pictures to prove what a gorgeous day it is. 

Now to the bad part... while enjoying my walk along the pier I spotted some guy "enjoying" himself in front of everyone.  WTF is wrong with people??!!

In order to get this image out of my head I will post some old pictures of flowers that I took earlier this year.

Day 15/365


  1. ew, yeah, you just put an image in my head i could have done without! pretty flowers, though!

    i have to be honest, i'm hoping that when i come to san francisco next week it's cool, because i really need a break from this heat and humidity!

  2. Have no fear, San Francisco will be cool. Even on our "hot" days you will most likely need a cardigan.

  3. Isn't this the saddest summer ever? Not nearly California'y enough. I miss unbearable heat! :) Also, the guy on the pier? SO nasty! Hope he got arrested. Btw, I love your city... ♥

  4. The orchid is gorgeous...any ugly room looks beautiful with orchids somehow!
    Have a cozzy weekend dear*

  5. The self-love dude simply sat there, finished his business, and then went along with his day. Just another day in good ole' San Fran.. gotta luv it :)


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