Aug 14, 2010

Space Travel is Boring

I while back  I stumbled upon San Francisco photographer Hunter Freeman.  I need to find this guy and see if I can borrow this space suit....


Like what  you see??  View more at


  1. something about the space suit is kind of unsettling...i guess that's the point? they really are great photographs.
    xox alison

  2. ha! that's awesome. wouldn't mind one of those space suits myself.

  3. that's funny!

    your doggy is sooo cute! I like your profile pic!

    thanks for stopping by and commentig, and, last thing, I really LOVE the colors of the photos you take, if you don't mind I'll add you as a flickr contact! (I am sarabenazzi on flickr)

  4. That's AWESOME!!!!


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