Aug 27, 2010

Friday Facts

Fact #1:  Birds are supposed to fly in this direction.  I am sure a number of birds have found this sign to be helpful.

Fact #2: Laundry is my least favorite chore. I hate it with a passion and I am not looking forward to doing it after work :(

On a happier note I would like to give a special thanks to the following retailers for accepting my money and sending me goodies in return:
Fossil for  sending me these boots.  Amazon for my new ear phones and The Unwritten Vol 2: Inside Man (yes I am a nerd and read graphic novels).  And last but not least Rue La La for my Junior Drake purse, which according to a lovely email, has been shipped and should arrive next week.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


  1. pretty sure those retailers should be thanking YOU!

    matter of fact, they should be doing your laundry to show their gratitude.

  2. ha! i love the picture! cool buys :)

    ~ x♥x♥ :)
    ~ ♥x♥x :)
    ~ x♥x♥ :)

  3. wow I like those boots so much!

    ahah the sign is so cool

  4. I, too, hate laundry! I drive an hour to my parents house and sucker my mom into doing it on a weekly basis ;)

    P.S. Those boots are awesome!


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