Aug 23, 2010

Moody Monday

There is something different about this Monday.  Rather then being my usual downer self, I am feeling perky and optimistic.  Perhaps this feeling of euphoria has to do with the fact that I had an amazing weekend, or that it is actually sunny AND warm in San Francisco right now, or that I just bought a new Junior Drake purse for a few hundred dollars less then the original price.  Whatever it is I am going to enjoy this feeling as long as I can. Here is my list 6 to get the week started.

1.) Pinatas are not only a great way to get out frustration and they also allow you to relive your childhood.

poor Flounder never knew what was going to hit him

2.)  Morning dates at Berretta, where they serve the most amazing brunch and french press coffee, are the best. If you are ever in the San Francisco you should make your way to the Mission and try this place.

3.)  Learning that it is ok to be lazy on a Saturday and do nothing but watch Dexter and True Blood with Brandon.

4.) Looking forward to October and seeing all of the following shows:  Arcade FireAngus & Julia StoneLand of TalkGogol Bordello, and Blonde Redhead

5.) Only 2.5 more weeks till my 28th birthday and vacation!!!!!

6.) Discovering and loving a new remix by a band you love:


  1. I'm happy that you had a great weekend!

    my birthday is in a few weeks too! (nearly a month really ahah but I am looking forward a romantic dinner with my fiance!)

  2. girl, things are good in your world! yay!

    i was super lazy this weekend and pretty much read, slept and watched tv. work is going to be super stressful this week, so it is nice to give oneself permission for some downtime before the storm!

  3. OMG what an amazing gig line-up! And yay to vacation!!!

  4. sometimes we must perfect the art of doing nothing...ha!
    ps:I'm going to be sad when 'true blood' ends its season soon! My...the theme song is playing in my head now! a big fan*



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