Aug 24, 2010

The curse of having to work

All I want to do is run outside, get some frozen yogurt, make my way to a beach, and soak up the sun.  Sadly I  have to work.  It should be a crime to keep people trapped inside an office on days like this, especially when we have had so few in San Francisco this year.  

I guess all that is left for me to do is sit back, enjoy some music, and plot how I can sneak out of work early.

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  1. luckily (or not) I am in my university years, so I have the possibility to choose how to organize my time (but I often end up being too lazy, even now, I was working at the computer and I ended up going from Word to Explorer, goofing on blogger ahahah), but I def understand you! I'd like to go at the park, it's such a beautiful day also here in Italy!

    later I'll go for sure, to make the doggy play and run :)


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