Aug 20, 2010

Friday Facts

Happy Friday and a bigs thanks to everyone who has stopped by my blog!  It is only two weeks old and I already have followers, only one of which I am related to (Hi Mom). Even better is the fact that I have received a number of lovely comments on my posts.  I can't describe how shocked and happy I am that people are actually reading what I wrote :) 

I thought I would end the week by letting everyone get to know a little more about me....

1.) Since crack is wack I fulfill my addictive personality needs with coffee.  My new fav is Blue Bottle coffee which is conveniently located by my office. One word, amazing.

2.) I still laugh over the fact that my boyfriend and I have very similar names: Brandi and Brandon.

3.) At the age of 23 my hair started to turn grey and this pisses me off to no end.

4.) I am grateful that I can easily find/buy a lucha libre mask around the corner from my house.  You never know when you might need one.



  1. ahah the last is the best!!
    I am addicted to coffee too, no coffe = huge headache!

  2. Have to try Blue Bottle... I'm a coffee addict too. Coffee in the am and green tea in the afternoon.

    Hope you've had a great weekend and that it washed away the bad week blues! ♡

  3. I went gray as early as 16. My mom had a headfull of gray hair by your age.

  4. oh my gosh! my hair starting going grey at 23 too! i have a silver streak right where i part my hair.

  5. #4 cracks me up...
    must have it in every corners of the neighborhood!
    Great new week Brandi~


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