Feb 21, 2012

February what a month you have been and you are not even over yet.

Highlights include:

The best Valentines Day EVER! Brandon and I have never been big on celebrating Valentines Day, so it came as a complete surprise when I came home the other day to find him in the kitchen cooking dinner.
Spending the weekend in Sacramento helping my best friend plan her wedding.
Exploring new areas of San Francisco, especially random trails to hike and make me feel as though I have left the city.
Reading and loving The Marriage Plot.
A new to me phone (thanks Liz)!!!
Walking home from work... the best way to clear my head after a daunting day.

Less exciting parts of my life:
Feeling very lonely and longing to be closer to support system  (family and friends).
Too exhausted to do anything creative...cameras and blog are getting very dusty.
Lack of motivation.  I would love to spend more time doing things I love (hiking, cooking, reading, etc) but I just don't have the drive to do anything. I think this is a sign that I need a vacation.


  1. oh man, things like valentine's day are so much better when you're not expecting anything...

    1. No kidding! As an added bonus his dinner was amazing...I would of never imaged he could make fondue.


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