Dec 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures.... A Re-Discovery

This photo was taken with Katrina of Pugly Pixel in mind.  Thanks for all the inspiration you provide!
This simple pleasure goes out to a forgotten friend, donuts.  Admittedly I am more a a savory over sweets girl and  my past experiences with donuts left me unimpressed.  I never understood the appeal of donuts.  All that changed when I went to North Carolina and stopped at Dunkin Donuts.  After the my first bite of an old fashioned I was hooked.  My goal since coming back to San Francisco is to find a place to fulfill my new sweet craving.  After a few hit and misses I stopped at Pepples Donuts and . These donuts, which happen to be vegan and organic, are denser then most and are not too sweet which makes them the perfect treat for me.   The above photo shows an unglazed, sprinkles, and vanilla cookie (all three were delicious).

Other joys include: homemade artichoke dip, my 2012 Frenchie desk calendar, and weekend mornings spent in bed watching Parks and Recreation.   With that I am off on vacation!  I'm heading up north to Paradise, CA (don't be fooled by the name, it is nowhere near my idea of Paradise) to celebrate Christmas with Brandon's family. 


  1. When I read "I never understood the appeal of donuts." I audibly gasped haha. I'm glad you've been converted!

  2. mmmm. donuts. i don't normally crave them, but every now and again a plain donut hits the spot.

    happy vacation to you!

  3. Good lawd those look good. My favorite around here are Shipley's Donuts, and I love the blueberry glazed cake. :)


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