Oct 4, 2011

Have you ever experinced a moment where a million and two thoughts rush into your head at once which results in you becoming so overwhelmed that all you want to do is crawl into the fetal position and stay in bed? Yes, well so have I, in fact I have been having one of those "moments" for the past two months.  So this week my plan is to: take it easy, drink wine, sleep in, and read a good book.  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. I think that's exactly what you should do! Make this week all about you, people just need that every once in awhile :]

  2. B, might I suggest you watch Harold and Maude?
    It will lift your spirits and give you a healthy perspective on it all.
    If it's any consolation, I am a huge fan of you...
    and that means that you are capable of tackling more than you know.
    You're just regrouping.
    And the truly wise know when it's time to stop the perpetual motion of life and look around.
    Your value system for this time is this:

  3. ACK! i hope things settle for you soon. sometimes life is just too overwhelming. :[ hang in there, and i am sure better times/easier times/more fun and relaxing times are ahead. :]

  4. Most definitely! What helps me when I am feeling like that:
    I usually cut out coffee (and other caffeine) and sugar as well.
    Enough sleep. Taking a deep breath! Going for a walk on the fresh air.
    And going for Ideally yoga. Your best is always good enough.
    Have a relaxing week.

  5. aw. well i hope you enjoy your week & that it is a relaxing one :)

  6. Yeah, I do know what you mean Brandi... hopes it's passed and things are better now.

  7. Yeah it happens sometimes, I love your plans and that pic


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