Sep 13, 2011

A Walk Around Market St

Weekend walk down Market St, San Francisco

Photo layout out from Pugly Pixel


  1. Love.
    Time for a lunch time adventure together!!

  2. I love how the photos combined provide a great snap shot of your walk, they look wonderful

  3. Love this! I'd love to go to San Francisco one day - it looks so gorgeous!

  4. Look gorgeous there! I just read your last entry, I hope you had a good birthday and things are looking up for you. Got me craving coffee now :O

  5. dude. sf is such a great place to take pictures! so glad you are taking advantage of all the fab scenery!

    note: CAREFUL if taking pictures of homeless people and/or drug addicts and/or in the TENDERLOIN. i had some rather scary experiences last time i tried that (which was over 20 years ago -- lol)


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