Sep 11, 2011

Simple Pleasures

The past two months have been an especially trying time in my life and things seemed to come to a breaking point last week on my birthday :(  Whenever life gets the best of me I find the best thing to do is take myself on a solo date and do a little self-reflection and focus on all the areas and/or things that don't suck in my life.  And although I am still in a bit of a funk I have the following things to be grateful for:

Best friend flying up to celebrate my birthday with me
Discovering a new favorite cocktail, veev treetini
A surprise grilled cheese party at work by the best co-workers ever
Random kisses and I love you's
Finally going to Four Barrel and enjoying an amazing cup of coffee
Taking time off from work and staying off the computer


  1. Happy belated birthday, they always kind of bum me out. But remembering those little things in life truly does make it better

  2. i love the idea of the solo-date. i hope you are able to get out of the funk & hope you had a lovely birthday too! :)

  3. I think that's a good solution, to focus on the good parts of your life -- here's hoping there's lots of more good parts coming!

  4. Solo date sounds amazing, Hope you had a good Birthday

  5. Yay for the last item on your list!!! Happy belated birthday, Brandi!

  6. I'm all about solo dates too


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