Nov 4, 2010

New thoughts on a well know Photographer

More often the not the first images that come to mind when one thinks of Ansel Adams are his famous landscapes. And although his well know images are powerful and stunning they are, in my opinion, over produced which in turn takes away from some of the magic.  While reading NPR the other day I stumbled upon an article that introduced me to new photos by Adams.  The images below are the results of work commissioned in 1939 by Foutune magazine in attempt to document "aviation history".   Enjoy!

Lockheed Plant in Burbank from afar view3
Looking South on Hill Street view 1
Coastline in Santa Monica view 1

Cole and Dorothy Watson at home view2
Burbank Drugstore view 2
Bowling Tournament at Burbank Bowel view 8

Photo credit Ansel Adams via the Los Angeles Public Library


  1. hey! they are lovely! and very different from the work of his that i know!

  2. my fave is the one of the drugstore, but all those pics are awesome!

  3. Such beautiful photos and what a sensitive eye! His photography is full with emotions. I always loved his works. Thanks for the reminder!!


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