Nov 7, 2010

Monday Musings

Christmas with my family- For the first time in 2 years I will be spending a holiday (Christmas to be exact) with my family and the puppies in North Carolina!

Lusting for- a ring from Lola and George.  They are all so lovely and I would proudly wear any one of them.  I guess I will have to start a new savings fund...

Reading and loving- A number of graphic novels suggested by Heidi.

My favorite local ice cream parlor- made it into The Selby.

A new crush on- Ted Danson in Bored to Death.  Think what you will about me for having a crush on an older gentleman with gray hair but his character cracks me up and humor is a a very attractive quality:)

Inspired by-Miwa Matreyek vision.

Happiness is-taking photos after a downpour.


  1. The last photograph of the man on the stree with the mobile is great - fantastic street photography. I'm going to be seeing my family in a little over a week and I'm really excited too.

  2. So glad that you'll have a family reunion very soon Brandi!
    I wonder who that man was calling/talking to... as usual I'm so nosy!! ~Great shots!


  3. Ted Danson!!! I thought I was the only person who watched that show.
    I am totally a white wine alcoholic because of it;)

  4. These are great Brandy!
    I enjoyed reading your musing and followed some of your links which are great! Those rings by Lola and George are so beautiful!


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