Nov 10, 2010

The day I sort of remember meeting my boyfriend

Three years ago today I left Sacramento early in the morning for quick overnight trip to San Francisco to help my best friend celebrate her birthday.  With a few essentials in hand I hit the road and two hours later I walked up to my best friends house ready to get the festivities started.  

We started at Lime where the food is delicious and the mimosas are bottomless.  It will come as no surprise that I took full advantage of the bottomless mimosas and even threw in a few bloody mary’s for good measure.  Eventually a few of us headed over to a bar close by to play flip cup and then to a friends house where I promptly passed out and took a much needed nap. All the while forgetting that I had made additional plans to meet up with yet another group of friends who lived in the city during my mini trip.

At 6 o’clock my phone rang and my friends (who I forgot I was surpassed to meet up with) were asking me where I was.  Still buzzed I answered that I was on a couch somewhere in San Francisco (at this point in time I knew NOTHING of San Francisco and had no idea how far I was from my friends house).   After a few back and fourths between my friends and the people at the apartment I figured out that I the only way I was making it to my friends place was via cab, so off I went.

Turns out while I was asleep it had started raining, so for 30mins I stood outside in the rain trying to hail a cab.  Soaking, lost, and still a little buzzed I started crying on some random corner in San Francisco fearing that I would never make it to my friends house; fortunately I managed to hail a cab and successfully made it my friends house (YAY).

I walked into their apartment looking like a hot mess; dripping wet, hair all over the place, and mascara running down my face.  I demanded that my friend Siobhan “make me pretty” and completely ignored the fact that there was some random guy sitting on the couch.  After drinking some water, eating, and having my makeup reapplied I started to feel like a human again and was formally introduced to the random guy...Brandon.

Yadda yadda yadda Brandon and I started to talk, he in turn told my friend that I was cute (she even caught him checking out my butt) and at the end of the night I gave him my number, or at least I thought I gave him my number.  Turns out I gave him the wrong one :(  Thankfully my friends gave him the correct number the following day and he sent me the following text message:  “What does it take for a guy like me to get a girl like you back in the city?”  My heart melted and I went to see him the following weekend. Fast forward three years and I now live with with that random guy and my heart still melts when he sends me text messages.  


  1. I LOVE THIS STORY! so happy for you! and i hope i have a similar experience sooner or later! preferably sooner! :)

  2. I like to hear story like this! Mascara down your cheeks must be adorable!!
    Panda eyes they say...
    You're special Brandi!

  3. my heart melted when i read his text message -- how sweet!!!

  4. I love the whole random yet so very meant to be story of how you met Brandi! I'm a huge fan of destiny... :)

  5. I love reading "how we met" cute! ;)

  6. This has to be the sweetest text message ever! <3


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