Oct 13, 2010

Life Lessons: The mini reunion addition

Mini weekend, and by weekend I mean one day, getaway to Sacramento was a success. There were a few less then glamorous highlights and thus a few lessons to be learned. 

1.) Hire a personal driver.  Generally I avoid driving like the plague so one can image how thrilled I was to be stuck behind a wheel for up to 3 hours straight two days in a row.  The drive to there can be summed up by my very full bladder and road rage.  The drive back was slightly worse as I spent most of the time convincing myself that I was not going to have to stop on the side of the freeway to throw up.   Thankfully I made it home without losing my breakfast.  Next time I make a quick trip to the state capitol someone else is driving.

2.) Turns out there is an age where you’re  too old to take shots of tequila right before rushing out of the bar.   Perhaps it was the excitement of being around my college girlfriends, or the fact we were in a dive bar where mullets were the norm, but I was feeling a little crazy and took a few shots that night.  Shots are a big no no for me and from now on I will stick to a few beers and call it a night.

3.) And the last but not least no matter how old you are you are NEVER to old to make balloon animals/anatomical body parts.

my friend Erin 


  1. Hahaha! You're so cute! :)

  2. ha! well i hope you had a good time anyway!

    i have to drive from la to nor cal and back next week. that drive! i HATE IT! 12 hours round-trip. argh!

    hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. i'm sorry, but this made me chuckle: "The drive to there can be summed up by my very full bladder and road rage." hehehe

    i hear you about the driving -- i've grown to dislike it a lot, too.


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