Oct 18, 2010

Life Lessons: The football addition

Great news Monday has come and gone and we are one day closer to the weekend.  The day has gone by so quickly that I didn't have time to think about how much I loath the day.  Rather then do my usual Moody Monday post I thought I would do a life lesson since I learned a VERY valuable lesson over the weekend.

What lesson might you ask??? Never again will I trust my boyfriend to be in charge/hold anything of importance.  I came to learn this lesson the hard way.

A few months ago we purchased tickets to the Niners vs Radiers game.  The seats were awesome, 50 yard line and 18 rows up from the field.   For those of you are not familiar football, those are exteremly good tickets (sitting with the family members of the players good) and they do not come cheap. 

We left our house early, and in a bit of a rush, to get a few errands done before the game.   Brandon grabbed the tickets before we left and threw them in his back pockets.  In hindsight I should have asked for him to hand them over right there and then but I had yet to have any coffee so I wasn't thinking straight.

Once we arrived at Stanford to complete our last errand I asked Brandon for the tickets.  He went into his back pocket and pulled the contents out; money, credit cards, ID were all there but the tickets were MIA.   Somewhere along the way they had fallen out of his pocket . Sigh....a few hundred dollars down the drain and no football in our future.  

On the bright side the weather was horrible and rained the majoirty of the first half of the game.  So rather then spending a ton of money to park, eat, and drink we had a relaxing and dry day watching the game from the comfort of our home.  Not what I had in mind but all in all not a bad day.

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  1. You poor thing.
    If that can be of any comfort, I had tickets to a gig yesterday and forgot to attend it...


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