Sep 20, 2010

Moody Monday

Where did the weekend go?  It is almost as if I was sleep walking the entire weekend and have woken up to discover that it is Monday and there is a full work week ahead of me....bummer.  Before I go any further thank you to everyone's kind words and dealing with my negative attitude last week.  There seems to have been something in the air because the majority of the people I know were in a major funk. With a new week comes a new attitude so fingers crossed that this week will be better then last week.  At the very least I am excited about the following events:

1.) Monday night football date with Brandon.  Good thing we are both Niner fans.
2.) Framed some new art work for my bedroom.  Now I just need to stop being lazy and hang everything up.
3.) Treated myself to sushi twice in one week, yum!
4.)I've joined Ashlee's alphabet photo project.  Rather then taking pictures in alphabetical order I've decided to randomly pick my weeks letter.  Photo number one...R is for record player


  1. I am SO happy you are joining the alphabet project! Your first photo is gorgeous....can't wait to see more! ;)

  2. Cool project! Keep smiling sweetie!

  3. Thanks for all the complements!!!! You're all so sweet :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog - yours is way cute :)

    Last night's game was SO good. I am a Saints fan so I am happy with the outcome, but biy did the Niners put up a great fight!

    ...and now I am craving sushi! Haha

  5. well hope this week is going SWIMMINGLY for you!

    i think i generally have a bad attitude, but even more so on mondays! lol

    and get that art up! or not! but when you do, you will be pleased. for some reason i take forever to hang art, and when i finally do i am tickled pink! whee!


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