Sep 15, 2010

Being young again

This will no doubt sound odd but for as long as I can rememeber I have loved to jump. Whether it be with a rope, in bounce house, or on trampline I love the feeling of being free and floating in the air (even if for only a short period of time).

So it will come as no surprise to anyone that I almost peed my pants when I found out Trampoline Park opens in San Francisco today!!! Can't wait to go there and jump my heart out!


  1. THIS IS RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY! how fun!!! perfecto!!!

    my mom tells a story about my oldest sister -- how she just couldn't understand the concept of jumping. she just didn't get it. my mom showed her over and over again how to do it, and my sister would try to mimic the move. but she would just stand in place, squeeze her eyes and her hands tight and STRAIN and not move anywhere! what a nut! i asked my mom, "why didn't you just push her off the curb?!" at least that would get the ball rolling?

    maybe it is good that i don't have kids! LOL!

    and now i have the van halen song "jump" in my head! LOL!


  2. that is a little weird but i can see why you like jumping. i had a trampoline in college and had the best of times jumping on that thing.

  3. OMG. that look insanely fun!!

  4. I loved to jump on trampolines when I was a kid... I'd like to do it even now ahah

    I awarded your blog, check it out if you want!


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