Aug 16, 2010

Moody Monday

I hate Monday's.  They are stupid and if I could I would slap them in the face.  In any case, here is a recap of my weekend and thoughts:

1.)  While attending my summer office party I discovered that my Pro status/skills as a Wii bowler do not cross over to real life  I did discover a new favorite activity getting paid while drinking free beer.  WIN!

2.)  Turns out no matter what age you are you can still learn and play new drinking games, however, you may regret discovering this knowledge the next morning.

3.)  Why would anyone place but these "dolls" on the outside of the restaurant they own?


  1. mondays suck ASS! so does bowling, because i suck at it!

    gah! and moving SUCKS ASS, too! argh! we have to move at work for a stupid renovation. it is putting me in THE WORST MOOD EVER! argh!

    may tomorrow be better for us all!

  2. Had me laughing at thought of slapping Monday in the face... !!

    Also, so bad at bowling. First couple throws I'm ok, but then my lack of upper body strength kicks in and it all goes downhill.

    Tuesday should be better. Should.

  3. I hate Mondays as well. I always feel nervous going in on a Monday like I forgot how to do everything over the weekend. Wii skills never translate. Apparently boxing on the Wii is nothing like the real thing. Who would have thunk it? Lol.


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