Aug 17, 2010

Free Entertainment

Over the weekend, while sitting on my couch enjoying a lovely book, I heard someone yelling at the top of their lungs outside my place.  This is not uncommon, people yell and scream at each other all the time in my neighborhood.  In fact drunk people are constantly hanging out (and sometimes passing out) in front of my place so I thought nothing of it.  

The yelling went on for a long time.  Finally curiosity got the best of me and I peaked my head out my window.  And what did I find....a guy walking in the middle of a busy four way intersection, throwing his arms all over the place, and screaming at people to get out and do something with their lives.  At one point he got so worked up he pulled down his pants and exposed himself to everyone.  

Not sure what message he was trying to send by showing off his junk and ass but he left shortly after that. I have the best luck with running into naked people...


  1. what compels someone to do something like that?! off to the loony bin!

  2. bahaha!!! that's hilarious. people are so effin weird.

    but it provides good entertainment. not that seeing his dirty junk was pretty or anything. ok ew i just got a visual. haha.


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