Oct 16, 2011

Into the Mission

It's been awhile since I have taken pictures of the street art in the Mission.  I love how the art continues to change so a walk down a familiar street is always a unique experience. 


  1. lol, the toilet roll made me laugh. I love street art, I find myself taking more and more photos of it.

    Also loving your new header too!

  2. Bonjour little bee! I just discovered your blog thanks to jollygoo -and i must say i *like* it. A lot. I'm going to wander through your pictures some more.. Thanks for bringing me a breath of quietness (my weeks are of the sort you described , the sort that makes you want to curl up under a pile of blankets and just let the world go round and forget about you for a few days and nights...) Merci!

  3. gah! i love! i love it all! i wish i could visit in person!

  4. I love seeing streetart. There is this place with a lot of graffiti on my way to university and it is also ever changing.. :)




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