Dec 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Mastered-  The art of making chili and veggie soup.  Next on the list is chicken and rice soup-which may be problematic since I hate cooking meat.

Pondering- Style icons.  My style is non-existent.  Jeans, tank, cardigan, heels, and simple jewelry is what I can be found wearing year round.  Next year will be the year of a brand new spiced up wardrobe (fingers crossed).

Regretting- The last few drinks at that I had at the holiday work party.

Looking- Forward to creating a workspace for myself in my very tiny home.  With some creative thinking and a bit of reorganizing I think I can carve out a space for my computer and camera.

Struggling- With saving money.  To much of my income is wasted on crap and I need to prioritize how and where I spend my money.

Enjoying-The artist who is currently featured at Project One Gallery.  See below for some of Rene Garcia Jr.'s work.


  1. You changed you blog design again! The simpler, the better, right?
    About that wardrobe thing, let me know if I can help. Not sure about how we can do that with the distance but I recently helped a few of my friends so I'm starting to have a bit of experience ;)

  2. I love the art work!
    Also, your blog design looks legit. Keep up the awesomeness, sister!

  3. we are musing about many of the same things! particularly the need to stop blowing so much money! ack!

    and your blog looks rad!!!!


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