Dec 20, 2010

Just another day

My life, like so many others right now, is complete chaos.  Between work, shopping, cleaning, packing, and the numerous failures with all things technology, I haven't been motivated to blog. In fact, I forgot to mention the guest post I did for Carla at Starry Eyed Charlie.  She is one amazing chick, and a very talented artist, so I highly suggest you take a moment to check out her blog.

And because I lack any creativity at the moment I will simply post some pictures from recent adventures and hope you all a lovely week!


  1. My family had an old VW!
    ah...brought some memories!!

  2. love the pics!

    everything is building up to a frenzy! it is driving me crazy. i can't wait for things to chill out and for life to get easier! countdown to that!


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