Oct 26, 2010

C is for....Coffee

This week my submission for the Ashlee's Alphabet Project is C=Coffee.  Ummm I love me some coffee.


  1. this is so fab! so cute! SO SWEET!

    i don't like coffee. i love the smell of it and i KNOW i am missing out on a big part of life by not drinking coffee every day (note: i love me some tea, so i don't lose out completely on the fun!).

  2. mmmm...coffee. Coffee is like my version of comfort food.

  3. Hello! I am one of your penpals! I am writing up your letter right now :) I love coffee! Just bought a coffee machine for myself today! so excited :)

  4. Hey thanx for your comment :-)
    I just added the sugar skull print on my etsy shop : http://www.etsy.com/shop/kimanh

    have a nice week,

  5. Great photo and I'm with you on the coffee... without it I couldn't function at work in the mornings!


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