Sep 11, 2010

Friday Facts-the one day late addition

The sun has been out which means I have been anywhere but close to a computer so I am a day late on my Friday Facts.  Also, vanity has gotten the best of me because my idea of a post today is sharing some "interesting" tidbits about myself, enjoy...

Likes: Coffee, dogs with wrinkles, smelling new books, burlesque, listening to vinyl records, food, long walks, and Halloween.

Dislikes: Odd numbers, people who chew with their mouth open, cold pizza, and being late for a movie, humidity, and ignorant people.

Least favorite part of my body: Feet- nothin' cute about mine.

Daydreams about: Traveling the world and eating cheese.

Oh and this is what I look like...I am the one on the back with red nails.  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend !!


  1. Love that shot of you! Is that your sister by any chance?


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