Aug 9, 2010

Moody Monday

It has recently come to my attention that I complain a lot.  This in fact was pointed out to me last night in bed as I try and fall asleep by my ever so kind and sweet boyfriend.  As one might image this personality flaw is not something that I like to admit I have but after thinking about it all last night and today I have to confess that it is true, I love to complain.   In effort to change I plan on implementing “Moody Monday” where I write about 6 positive aspects about my life and/or things that make me happy.

  1. Anti-itch spray is a lifesaver when you are covered in flea bites due to your roommate’s cat.
  2. Coffee and the fact that someone else makes it for me every morning.
  3. Being able to wear jeans to work.
  4. My bosses being on vacation.
  5. Watching True Blood with friends.
  6. Spooning in the morning.

Disclaimer:  I still plan on complaining just hopefully not as often; people will just have to learn to deal with it/me..


  1. ghahaha!!! complain away! i complain all the time! i think most chicks do! how else are we supposed to cope with all of the annoying things in life?!

    p.s. i can't stand people that are cheery 24/7. they are fake or crazy.

  2. I totally agree!!!!! You know what I like to do... complain about cheery people.


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